Bay Area Limo Service

If you’re look­ing for the best lim­ou­sine expe­ri­ence in the greater Bay Area, then you’ve come to the right place. Royale Lim­ou­sine is proud to offer some of the finest ser­vice in this whole region of Cal­i­for­nia, and we’re ded­i­cated to mak­ing sure that you have as great an expe­ri­ence as pos­si­ble. As you look around this page, you’ll see a vari­ety of links that will explain more about the ser­vices we pro­vide, includ­ing which vehi­cles are avail­able in our fleet, how to make reser­va­tions, and a wel­come mes­sage where you can learn more about us. Of course, that’s nowhere near every ser­vice we provide!

San Jose Lim­ou­sine Service

Still, before you make your reser­va­tion, you really should con­sider which sort of lim­ou­sine you want to rent. Did you know that stretch lim­ou­sines aren’t actu­ally the type of vehi­cle that qual­i­fies for the name? It’s true! While noth­ing says “Party time” quite like San Jose lim­ou­sine ser­vice from the stretch type, there are actu­ally sev­eral types of lim­ou­sines, some of which look like rel­a­tively nor­mal vehi­cles from the out­side. Per­haps you’d like a lit­tle more pri­vacy, with­out peo­ple star­ing at you, but you want a truly com­fort­able inte­rior. Per­haps you have a busi­ness guest com­ing, and you’d like to allow them to travel in both com­fort and style with­out being opu­lent about it. What­ever your desires actu­ally are, Royale Lim­ou­sines is work­ing to meet them through the best in Oak­land Limo Ser­vice.

Limo Ser­vice To SFO

As you’ll see in more detail on the Fleet page, there are three types of lim­ou­sines that are cur­rently pro­vided for limo ser­vice to SFO and the sur­round­ing area. The small­est one cur­rently offered is the Lux­ury Exec­u­tive Lin­coln Town Car Sedan, which seats up to four guests in com­fort and style. Heck, there’s even a work bench! For a lit­tle more bulk pas­sen­ger travel, though, the Cadil­lac Escalade seats up to seven pas­sen­gers (with lug­gage) in the same degree of com­fort that peo­ple expect from a lim­ou­sine, with its added size mak­ing it the best choice for air­port rides among larger groups or those with more lug­gage than will eas­ily fit in a town car. Of course, any San Jose lim­ou­sine ser­vice worth the name that pro­vides limo ser­vice to SFO can’t for­get about the high­light: the clas­sic stretch lim­ou­sine, seat­ing up to 10 pas­sen­gers in the great­est lux­ury that the vehi­cle pro­vide. Peo­ple will def­i­nitely notice when you’re trav­el­ling in one of these.

Oak­land Limo Service

Now that you know a lit­tle more about the fleet of vehi­cles that can be used for Oak­land limo ser­vice, let’s talk a lit­tle more about plac­ing the reser­va­tion for your vehi­cle. Our goal is to keep reser­va­tions as sim­ple and as easy as pos­si­ble, so there are just a few details that we’ll have to ask you to fill out. The most impor­tant details are those for the pas­sen­ger con­tact; that’s how we’ll be able to get in touch with you and talk about your spe­cific needs for the rental. We can talk either by tele­phone or through e-mail, and you can spec­ify your pre­ferred method through a com­ments box at the bot­tom of the screen.

At the same time, you can also send us the infor­ma­tion on where you’d like to be picked up, where you’ll be dropped off, how many peo­ple will be com­ing, and the times where you expect to be at each loca­tion. We’ll strive to always hit the expected times as closely as pos­si­ble, allow­ing you to enjoy your San Jose lim­ou­sine ser­vice to the utmost. Whether it’s get­ting picked up at the air­port and deliv­ered to your des­ti­na­tion of choice or tak­ing a trip from your home to an office or other spe­cial event, Royale Lim­ou­sine always works to pro­vide the best Oak­land limo ser­vice. With the infor­ma­tion you pro­vide, we can help deter­mine which of our vehi­cles is the most suit­able for your needs and start arrang­ing sched­ules to be sure that you’ll be picked up on time and deliv­ered equally quickly.

Royale Lim­ou­sines is the top choice for pro­fes­sional limo ser­vice to SFO, San Jose, Oak­land, and the sur­round­ing areas of Cal­i­for­nia. Don’t find your­self trapped by a com­pany that doesn’t live up to its claims. Instead, give your­self the Royale treat­ment. Con­tact us Today!